Fall 2018 Resources

Customer Discovery Workshop SWWGRO

Tools used

Sunday AM: Pitch Overview

Pitch Overview & Juding Criteria

Featured items:

Slide Requirements & Presentation

  • Use 16:9 ratio (wide screen)
  • You will be provided a clicker
  • Prepare multiple laptops with the deck & tech check
  • Use video or screenshots for your demo; a live demo is risky & is prone to errors
  • Slide #1 & the last slide must be slide #1 in this PowerPoint deck
  • No backup slides for Q&A, the next team will be connecting their tech
  • Laptop requirements: Video/beamer connection: Mac Minidisplay port or HDMI (no USB-C); audio via 3.5mm headphone jack (not HDMI)
  • Q&A: All team members on the presentation stage

Presentation Sample: Rover.com
Startup Weekend 2011

Team Registration

F6S Register here

Tech Check Schedule

Time Team
1330 GreenWay Soundwalls; Bep App; burglartwo
1335 RE-DRESS; packmen; Date <3 Keeper;
1340 CareerCode; mazii, #Trashtalk;
1345 Flippin Bitches; Victor; Good Sam;
1350 The Brain Cafe; Easter App; SmashTray

Pitch Order