Startup Weekend Groningen 2019
8-10 Nov, 2019, Het Kwadraat
Tickets soon available
A connection, a bond or common feeling between people. That’s what you will experience at Startup Weekend Groningen. In just 54 hours you will work with enthusiastic people on what potentially could be the next great startup. But even more important are the valuable lessons you will learn and the people you will get to connect with.


hours of

Designing / Developing / Validating / Hacking

Networkings / Friends / Mentoring / Learning / Building

Drinking / Partying / Not sleeping / Nerfgun battles / Karaoke
Games / Longboarding / Eating / And a whole lot more!

Get judged by experts

Our panel of judges will look at the process the team has gone through. Has the idea been validated? Is there a viable business model? What are the unique selling points? How does it compare to the competition? Is there a proof of concept? What is the minimal viable product?

Meet the organizing
team of this event

The organization of this event consists out of volunteers only. We love to organise events for the startup community. Organising events beside our daily jobs require a lot of help from others. Do you want to help? Reach out to us!


Thanks to these awesome companies and organizations, we're able to make it happen!