Startup Weekend Groningen 2018
16 - 18 Nov, 2018, Het Kwadraat
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A connection, a bond or common feeling between people. That’s what you will experience at Startup Weekend Groningen. In just 54 hours you will work with enthusiastic people on what potentially could be the next great startup. But even more important are the valuable lessons you will learn and the people you will get to connect with.


hours of


Designing / Developing / Validating / Hacking

Networkings / Friends / Mentoring / Learning / Building

Drinking / Partying / Not sleeping / Nerfgun battles / Karaoke
Games / Longboarding / Eating / And a whole lot more!

Everyone is welcome

Startup Weekend enables people to learn more about starting a company, in a hands-on, practical way. It’s an opportunity for professional development because you are learning things that are so hard to learn in other environments. Talking to potential customers teaches you sales skills, pitching your idea teaches you public speaking skills and working on a team of people you just met teaches you collaboration skills.

Learn new skills

While participating at Startup Weekend, you are ensured to find the entrepreneur in yourself! The time pressure makes people inventive and confident to think outside the box. And while you’ll crack your brain around your minimum viable product or business model, you’ll discover that you are capable of more than you thought.

Great starting point

Startup Weekend shapes the lives of many people as a starting point for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. It’s a great spring board to get started on something. Whether that is a business plan, a career at a startup or great relationships. Some people just need a little push in the back and Startup Weekend is perfect for just that.

Meet new people

The networking opportunities at Startup Weekend are priceless. It’s not every day that you get to meet so many entrepreneurial minds. And besides that, mentors from organizations throughout Groningen will be there, as well as judges who are well known for their careers in entrepreneurship.

This is how your weekend will look like


17:30 - Registration starts
18:00 - Dinner is served
Eat food, share ideas, practise pitches, get to know your fellow participants
19:00 - Opening
19:15 - Pitches start
Line up and give a pitch (optional)
21:00 - Voting
Attendees vote for the pitches they would like to work on during the weekend.
21:30 - Form teams
Find and form a team with people you want to work with on an idea that you like.
21:40 - Register your team
Get an allocated office space for your team to work in during the weekend.
21:45 - Get started with the idea!
Get to know your team and get to understand the problem the team is trying to solve.


08:00 - Doors open
08:15 - Breakfast is ready
09:00 - Start working
11:00 - Coaching time
From now on coaches will be available!
13:00 - Lunch
18:30 - Dinner
19:30 - let's keep going
20:30 - Fun break!
21:00 - Continue


08:00 - Doors open
08:15 - Breakfast ready
09:00 - Start working
10:00 - Coaches arrive
12:30 - Lunchtime!
14:00 - Presentation prep
Final hours of work time should be focused on perfecting your presentation, tech-check and presentation coaching
16:30 - Wrap-up
Clean out the workspace and make sure nothing is left behind
17:00 - Dinner
18:00 - Final presentations
20:30 - Judging and awards
22:30 - After party
Have a drink with your teammates and talk to others!

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Support from the best coaches
we could find for you

We found the best coaches that are able to support you throughout the weekend. Our coaches have knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields. The one-on-one advise given to teams can be invaluable and a key factor in achieving success. The coaches love to help aspiring entepreneurs.

Get judged by experts

Our panel of judges will look at the process the team has gone through. Has the idea been validated? Is there a viable business model? What are the unique selling points? How does it compare to the competition? Is there a proof of concept? What is the minimal viable product?

Meet the organizing
team of this event

The organization of this event consists out of volunteers only. We love to organise events for the startup community. Organising events beside our daily jobs require a lot of help from others. Do you want to help? Reach out to us!


Thanks to these awesome companies and organizations, we're able to make it happen!