Next event:
16-18 Apr, 2021, Het Kasteel

Groningen rich in opportunities through entrepreneurship and the right mindset.

Fostering Friendships

Fostering friendships between people with an entrepreneurial mindset sets a culture in which corporate cooperation can take place altruistically. Alone you can go fast, together we will go far.

Lowering barriers

It might seem like you need a giant leap of faith to be enterprising. Is the time right? Is the idea good enough? Can I do it? We love to show you how ideas and opportunities can evolve by just getting started.

Opening doors

Open up those doors and drink coffee. When it comes to startup events, bigger is not better; creating space for connections is what really counts.

Be enterprising

You don’t have to be an aspiring entrepreneur to be enterprising. Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and taking initiative within your studies or the company you are working for is just as valuable.

Further the City

Groningen has a lot of great entrepreneurial assets. The best being a lot of people wanting to further the city from an eco and not an ego perspective.

Share knowledge and learn

Offer help, knowledge and support unconditionally when someone needs it, knowing that they would do the same for you if they would have the opportunity. Be curious to learn from each other.